Constant Current source

Hi I am looking for a solution to obtain constant current for an electrolytic process which requires a range of 5mA to 15mA and 4.5 Volt to 30 volt. I was thinking of a dc charger with adjustable voltage which will be attached  LM317 as shown in the figure. I am planning to attach a variable resistor to adjust resistance. To measure the output dynamically a multimeter will be  connected in paralled to the load. Will this work?


  • please see page 8 of datasheet. the element "precession current limiter" should help you. <br />I fear that for measuring current<br /> you need to place the DMM in ammeter mode or milli ammeter mode  in series to load but NOT parallel.<br /><br /> BTW, the LM317 works properly only above some minimum current.  The circuit element i indicated shows that it can work above 4mA.  i am sure that at least from 10mA it would be controllable.<br /> <br /> all the best Banu jee
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