Building a VHF Ground Plane antenna for HAM Bands

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I recently built a Groundplane antenna for VHF HAM band.  I dont have a license yet, but i use it to monitor the band on RTL dongle and receive NOAA weather transmissions. I go a lot of help from VU2ASH to build this antenna. I used simple stuff to homebrew this antenna like a Copper plate used in Indian Pooja as a base and mounted a SO-239 / PL-259 connecter on it with main element on the connector and 4 radials slanting 45 degrees along the along the diameter of the plate.  Here are some pics:
drilled-plate-300x295.jpg  DSC_0039-e1402656598301-296x300.jpg  DSC_0038-300x165.jpg Lugs-bent-280x300.jpg  DSC_00421-300x225.jpg  DSC_0044-e1402658007509-300x194.jpg DSC_0047-300x225.jpg  DSC_0041-225x300.jpg    DSC_0052-225x300.jpg
Link to the a more detailed post on this is here:
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