Antenna Tuning Workshop to celebrate National Field Day 2014 by Pune HAMs

Hams from Pune conducted a Antenna Tuning Workshop to celebrate the National Field Day on 8th June 2014.  Here's a  note from OM Udaya / VU2UPQ:
  The HF antenna tuning workshop was conducted today June 8, 2014 to celebrate ARSI declared Field Day in the foreground of the QTH of VU2ASH/Ashok in the scenic lap of mother nature @ D.S.K. Vishva, Vadgaon Dhayari off Sihagad Road from 1500 HRS to about 1900HRS IST. The objective of the workshop is to help newcomers & refresh the skills of old timers to tuning basic HF antennas using an SWR meter. A dipole antenna was erected for 20m & 40m with a common feed & tuned 1:1 using a SWR meter. Participants were VU2ASH, his XYL Pratibha VU2AIE, VU2 MSB, VU2MUA, VU2VPR, SWL Amogh & VU2UPQ. This workshop doubled as a demo for the residents of the township some who were invited by VU2ASH & some who came out of curiosity, to get to know more about the Amateur/Ham Radio hobby. Stations worked were VU3TYG - Bangalore on 14210MZh @ 1215hrs Z VU2RDL- Kollam on 14210MZh @ 1230hrs Z VU2ASH, his XYL VU2AIE must be thanked for hosting the program, making the arrangements, for participating. & conducting the workshop. Beside them VU2MSB, VU2MUA, VU2VPR, SWL Amogh & VU2UPQ must also be thanked for participating in the workshop & for giving their valuable inputs to the audience. The photographs are attached. 73 Udaya Patil / vu2upq mobile no +91 9823026567 Radio: VU2UPQ - 145.5 MHz                           - 7.030 MHz
Residents who attended the workshop are OM Avinash Khadilkar, Om Sudhakar Korde, OM Prof. Subhash Rajwal and his son Swanand Rajwal, OM Amol Bhalerao.  Here are some pics I took while setting up the station and Anttenas: ASH-UPQ-Amogh-At-work-1copy.jpg From Left - OM Uday (VU2UPQ), OM Ashok (VU2ASH), Me (SWL Amogh) MSB-at-work-copy.jpg OM Milind (VU2MSB) helping setup the antenna. Dipole-view-copy.jpg Temporary 20 and 40mtr dipole setup and tuned on the field. DSC_0080.jpg OM Milind (VU2MSB) hooking up Om Udaya's (VU2UPQ - Extreme left) Rig to the OM Srini's (VU2MUA - extreme Right) car battery.  DSC_0081.jpg Om Ashok (VU2ASH on the chair) and OM Milind (VU2MSB) operating the station. DSC_0083_1.jpg from left - XYL of OM Ashok (VU2ASH), XYL (sitting) of OM Vilas (VU2VPR), OM Vilas (VU2VPR), OM Avinash Khadilkar. DSC_0082.jpg From Left - OM Vilas (VU2VPR), Om Prof. Subhash Rajwal, OM Udaya (VU2UPQ), Om Srini (VU2MUA), OM Milind (VU2MSB), Om Ashok (VU2ASH - operating the station/Rig).
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