Pune Monthly HAM meeting - May 2014

Though I couldnt attend the meeting this month, here's an update received from VU2UPQ about the Meeting.
uc?id=0B-pIhFWStiaNMGtLSmg5WUM2bDUyb0cyWHBORjNlQ2Mtc1NZ [size=12pt]The HAMsters monthly Eyeball QSO of the Pune Amateur Radio Group was held on Sunday 4th May 2014 at the COFFEE HOUSE, next to Dorabjee & Co, Camp, Pune, and was attended by VU2MSB/ Milind, VU2DVW/ Dipak, VU2ASH/ Ashok, VU2WET/ Farook, VU2SIJ/ Sanjay VU2UPQ/ Udaya It was a pleasure to have VU2SMN/ SUHAS SAMANT from Kolhapur who was visiting Pune, come & participate in the eyeball QSO. VU2ASH who is yet new to Pune & its roads, since he migrated here only last summer, travelled 23km from his QTH on his two wheeler using a GPRS navigator. The customary group photo got missed in the intense discussions that extended upto almost 1pm. Attached is a photo taken when only 4 of us had arrive for the eyeball QSO. The next  HAMsters Eyeball QSO is on Sunday 1st June 2014 73 VU2UPQ/ Udaya HAMster/s is a plural short form of the colloquial term "HAMs" or "Ham Radio operator" meaning Amateur radio operators. Hamsters mentioned here above, refers to an "UNCLUB" Group  of Amateur Radio Operators as described/ referred to on eHam. Their goal is to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications, to build a team of dedicated Ham Radio operators, to promoting weak signal operations and to expand the number of operators taking part in this exciting hobby.” For MORE INFORMATION HAMster: eHam > eHamForums > Clubs > HAMSter Weak Signal Group[/size]


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