Radio hams support Indian elections

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The Indian National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR) reports on the deployment of amateur radio communications to remote areas not covered by telecommunication network in support of the General Election The amateur radio communications activity for General Elections-2014 was supported by District Administration of Karimnagar under the leadership of Mr. V.Shiva Kumar, IPS, SP-Karimnagar (also an amateur radio operator VU3SIU), who took the initiative of deploying amateur radio communications to the remote areas of the district that are not covered by telecommunication network. 1LLQQJKyQdIe Ms Bhanumathy VU2BL at the Karimnagar Control Station A team of over 10 Ham operators and 2 local volunteers (Mr. Abdul Mujeeb and Mr. Waseem) were mobilised by NIAR to setup a network of communication stations in vulnerable areas of extremist affected villages of karimnagar District. HF communications were provided from remote locations to Control station at Karimnagar operated by Ms.M.Bhanumathy, VU2BL, Relay stations on standby at Hyderabad operated by Ms.Lissy VU3LMS, Mr.Tom VU3TMO, Mr.Suri, VU2MY and Ms. Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI at New Delhi. VHF network was established in nearby villages and hamlets for collecting poll statistics at regular intervals. Mr. S.Ram Mohan-VU2MYH, Mr.Jose Jacob-VU2JOS, Ms.M.Bhanumathy-VU2BL, Mr.Mukesh Kumar Gola-VU2MCW, Mr. Leelakrishna-VU3LGX, Mr. Mujeebudden-VU3MHI participated in the activity. We thank the Election Commission of India and Chief Election Officer, Governenment of Andhra Pradesh for extending their support to establish Ham Radio Network for the General Elections of HOP/APLA-2014. We also thank the WPC, DOT, MCIT, GOI for the special permission issued for the activity. We would like to specially thank Mr.V.Shiva Kumar, IPS, SP-Karimnagar for making necessary arrangements to ensure safety and security of all Polling officials and ham members in the most remote/vulnerable regions. The polling activity went off very peacefully.
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