'Anonymous' aims communication using AirChat (based on Ham Radio app: Fldigi)

edited January 1970 in Technology News
Online hacktivist collective Anonymous has announced that it is working on a new tool called Airchat which could allow people to communicate without the need for a phone or an internet connection - using radio waves instead. Anonymous, the amorphous group best known for attacking high profile targets like Sony and the CIA in recent years, said on the Lulz Labs project's Github page: "Airchat is a free communication tool [that] doesn't need internet infrastructure [or] a cell phone network. Instead it relies on any available radio link or device capable of transmitting audio." The idea is that people all over the world, including those in rural areas and developing countries, will one day be able to communicate for free without the need for a mobile phone network, phone line or internet access. While the project is workable at the moment, it is simply a proof of concept at this stage and Anonymous has revealed Airchat in the hope to get more people involved in developing the technology as well as raising funds. anonymous-testing-airchat-free-communications-tool-world-that-uses-only-radio-waves.jpg http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/anonymous-airchat-aims-allow-communication-without-needing-phone-internet-access-1445888
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