Licensing Procedure - How to become a HAM in India ??

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[size=14pt]Amateur Radio  Licensing Procedure in India[/size] Any Indian citizen above 12 years of age can appear for the ASOC Restricted Grade examination. Licenses are of 2 type: 1. Restricted Grade 2. General Grade [size=12pt]Ideal procedure is as follows: [/size] 1. You fill up the forms (document attached below Application Forms for ASOC.doc),  Nationality Certificate MUST be signed by a Gazetted officer.  Personal Details Form (Last page)  MUST be submitted in quadruplicate (4 copies). 2. Submit these Forms with respective fees to your WIRELESS MONITORING STATION (list attached below - Wireless Monitoring station.doc) Exam Fees of Rs. 100 for Restricted Grade Exam Fees of Rs. 100 for General Grade 3. They will inform you when the exams will be conducted. Generally Exams are conducted as per below scheule. SCHEDULE OF EXAMINATIONS                             Place                                            Month of examination         Delhi,Bombay,Calcutta and Madras                              Every month         Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Nagpur                          January, March, June, August, October & December                     Ajmer, Bangalore, Darjeeling, Gorakhpur,                    January, April, July and October.                                        Jalandhar, Goa,  Mangalore, Shillong, Ranchi,         Srinagar and such other places where a         monitoring station of the Monitoring Organisation         of the Ministry of Communications is located. 4. You give your Exams on the day they are conducted by the WPC Local monitoring station. 5.  You will get your results in the mail (by post) and in a month or 2 after the Exam.  WPC Local Monitoring station will also send your result and application copies to the WPC Delhi Head Office. 6.  WPC Delhi head office will then send your file to Home department for Inter-Ministerial Clearance. 7.  Home department will send  it to your local Police station for enquiry.  This usually takes around 6-8 months from the day of result.  You will receive a call from the Police station and they will do the enquiry.  The information is then sent back to the Home Department. 8.  Home Department then completes the Inter-Ministerial Clearance and forwards it back to the WPC Delhi Head office. 9.  WPC Delhi Head office  will send you a letter to deposit (by demand draft) the fees to get your license.  Its Rs. 1000 for 20 years or Rs. 2000 for Life time. 10.  Once you follow above point, in a month or 2 you will receive your license in the mail (by post). [size=12pt]As mentioned above, this is clearly and Ideal procedure and things never happen this way in reality.[/size] In reality,  You will always need to find out fellow Hams in your area or if there are any HAM clubs operating in your area and take guidance  from them.  As HAMs believe in involvement, almost every HAm would be eager to help you in getting into this hobby and lead your way.  HAM exams are mostly conducted by Clubs in co-operation with the local monitoring stations.  Monitoring stations generally are inclined towards spending most of their office timings in supporting professional services (Marine, Aero, etc.).  As Amateur radio is a Hobby, It is mostly listed last in the work queue.  Monitoring stations usually agree to conduct exams when they have at least 20-30 applicants at a time.  so in smaller towns it would usually happen once in an year or 6 months, while places like Mumbai or Bangaluru, it can happen almost every month.  Also, as these exams are handled by Govt. employees, there can to be some delay in getting your exams done or getting  the license. Best way to get your license is contact Local HAM radio Clubs or take help from fellow HAMs who would be more than happy to help you.  Clubs will usually conduct classes or refreshers when they get sufficient numbers of  for wanna be HAMs. For you it will be easier to mingle with you fellow wanna be HAMs, discuss, practice Morse, etc.  one everyone in your group is ready, the Club will invite the monitoring station for an Exam, will help you fill up your forms and in other exam procedures.  Also, as multiple applications are sent it becomes simple for the monitoring station too to process, conduct exams and for the Club to follow up with the station to get your licenses faster. So what are you waiting for now ?? Google is your master, search for a Amateure radio clubs or HAMs in your area. you can also use a site called to search Amateur radio operators in your area. You can also post in this forum and some one might give you contact details of the HAMs in your area.
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