Pune Monthly HAM meeting - April 2014

Pune HAMs conduct a monthly HAM meeting on 1st Sunday of every month at Diamond Restaurant, Camp.  I joined this meeting for the 1st time on 6th April 2014. As I saw it, It was a casual meeting, few HAMs from Pune coming together and discussing issues, ways improving local activity, getting new HAMs onboard, etc.  and of course munching on some snacks ! Below are some pics shared by VU2UPQ, OM Udaya On the left VU2SFJ OM Srinivas Nyayapathi (1st) VU2MSB OM Milind Bhagvat VU2ASH OM Ashok Joshi On the Right Sanket (awaiting license) (1st) VU2VPR OM Vilas Rabde VU2DVW OM Dipak Zemse Me (SWl Amogh Desai) uc?id=0B-pIhFWStiaNdVcxa3lmS3VhM00 uc?id=0B-pIhFWStiaNZzllNWs3TUZXLU0 On the right (end) VU2UPQ OM Udaya Patil
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