What you need to know to get into this exciting hobby - Amateur Radio ???

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[size=12pt]What is Amateur / HAM Radio ??[/size] Amateur Radio a.k.a Ham Radio is a well know hobby in which licensed Amateur / HAM Radio operators a.k.a. HAMs use electronic or Radio equipment to communicate with eachother. This communication is also be utilised in disaster situations, this HAM radio can also be termed as Service.  HAM Radio is a technical hobby which means, u need to have at least basic knowledge of Radio Technology and operation procedure.  It is bound by rules and regulations set by International organizations as well as National Ragulatory Bodies. To know more about this Hobby follow these links: [size=12pt] When did Amateur Radio start ?? Why is Amateur Radio called HAM Radio ?? Why is License Required to Operate ?? How to Become a Licensed HAM in India ??[/size]
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