Simple 0-30Mhz Rx design

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Hi Guys, I am planning to build a RX for SWL and monitoring HAM bands.  kindly help me with a simple design. Some pints to consider are: 1. It should cover all HF bands (0-30 Mhz) bands. 2 Should have SSB 3. Digital frequency readout. 3. Parts should be easily available in India. It would be nice if it is affordable (even students should be able to build it for college project etc.)


  • Hello Amogh,<br />I am going to describe further requirements  ( extensions )  to your topic. First thing is to choose an i.f. frequency this is important because the proposed receiver will need proper i.f. frequency for witch very cheep crystals must be available. As it will have to have S.S.B. reception capability the proper ( 3.5/9.0 Khz) bandwidth  for i.f. will be mandatory with USb, LSB capability and A.M. detection.<br />The second consideration is of front end of the receiver. It must have R.F. gain and that too for entire 0 to 30 Mhz.<br />Third thing is reasonably stable local oscillator to cover entire range with consideration of  i.f. shift.<br />I think a Software Defined Radio is the most suitable candidate as now a days almost every educated family have a computer in their house witch fits the bill.<br />Satish<br />VU2SNK <br />
  • As suggested, a good Software Defined Radio receiver is the Avala-01. The original design has been discussed quite a bit and a fairly comprehensive build log is at,<br /><br /><br /><br />I am progressing with this and other builds.<br /><br />Rahul, ex-VU3CUI
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