Single sided PCB for si5351 Arduino based VFO - Raduino

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VU3WJM Rahul is famously known for his pcb design of the Bitx20 trx by Farhan VU2ESE back in around 2005. Rahul is on a pcb designing spree this year 2017. His PCBs are mostly single sided, homebrew oriented and are based on famous circuits designed by hams around the world. Recent additions are arduino SWR meter, sdr rx, speech processor, etc.

Recent PCB design is for Farhan's Radiuino VFO. This uses si5351 and arduino and was created initially to work with Minima Trx. It is currently being shipped with the Bitx40 board's being sold by Farhan himself at .

Here's the circuit drawn by Farhan himself.

The PCB design is in 2 versions one is for direct soldering of SMD si5351 and second is for using a SMD to DIP breakout socket. So here's it what looks like.

SMD version - Si5351 soldered directly on copper side.

DIP version - Si5351 soldered on a DIP breakout socket.

MSOP10 to DIP adapter are available plenty on ebay, banggood, aliexpress, etc or locally in India with Tanotis, sunrom, etc. They look like this

PCB files for designs (both smd and dip) are attached below.

Arduino code .ino file can be found at Farhan's account here.
You can also experiment using this more featured Arduino sketch from CM2KMK-. Pavel Milanes here


  • Where can I buy a radiuno DIP version of the breakout board.  Looks like a great idea!
  • Where can I buy a radiuno PCB 
  • Hal said:
    Where can I buy a radiuno DIP version of the breakout board.  Looks like a great idea!
    Hey, the PCBs aren't available for sale anywhere as far as i know.  You can just do a toner transfer using the attached zip. Or send the files to a PCB fabrication house like and offcourse, put the extra oones on ebay or tindie for other to buy and share the cost with you.

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