Arduino based simple SWR and Power meter

edited September 2017 in Homebrewing
Here is a very simple project to measure SWR and Power. Based on an Arduino Nano and the PCB is designed by VU3WJM, Rahul (Bitx20 initial PCB designer).

The circuit is designed by ON7EQ and the PCB design is single sided for easy home etching.

The FWD and REV signals need to be supplied saperatly. A lot of torroid based designs for such SWR bridges for HF are available online.
This is what the PCB looks like (if fabricated commercially.

A pdf file for direct etching on pcb copper side is attached below. Also, the Arduino sketch can be downloaded from here . It was compiled with IDE version 0022.- IMPORTANT : please use the same or you might get errors when compiling ! You still can download previous versions from ARDUINO website .

This is an open source project and design layer files are available on request. Comment below for any questions.


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