MOSFET_heat output

Dear Friends,
I am doing some electronics design. I have very basic questions about MOSFET. It would be great if someone can help me out.

I would like to use MOSFETs as switching elements. the amount of current, that will go through them are in the range of 100-200A or more. So, my idea is to use few MOSFETs in parallel. can someone suggest if MOSFETs can handle this amount of high current. I am assuming they will produce a lot of heat. so how can i use an appropriate sink for cooling it down?

I have another question about th


  • It really depends on the application and the Mosfets you are planning to use. You will have to study the datasheet of the Mosfet you are planning to use.  for example an IRF 510 Mosfet has about 4-6 amps of constant drain current while 2N7000 has only 200mA and for other device it could be different.
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