• Begginer Questions / issues

    Newbies and Beginners to electronics can ask questions here. Please provide as much details possible to support your question, and what you have done or read or researched to find the answer. Questions like "How does something work" do not show good forum etiquette. Assignment questions are fine, provided you show the work you have already done.
  • Learning and Education

    Post and discuss about freely (and legaly) available electronics educational and course material, ebooks, videos and other stuff. You can also post links to tutorials or DIY articles or write your own education articles for members.
  • Completed Projects, DIYs and tutorials

    DIY articles or tutorials for projects or circuits you have created. This place is to show off your circuits and projects and how you did them.
  • New Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff

    Discuss about your current projects or other circuits you are working on. Talk about ideas and designs, ask technical queries, and share technical info. This is the bigger thread for anything electronics.
  • Micrcontrollers / programming

    Anything related to programing, scripts and such hardware (PICs, ARM, Arduino, PICAXE, etc) goes here. If it's about Micro-controller hardware or software, or programmable logic like FPGA or PLD's, discuss about it here.
  • Test Equipments

    Discussions related Test and measurement Equipment, questions, reviews, modifications, hacks, teardowns, etc goes here.
  • Consumer electronics, Repairs and everything else

    Any Consumer Electronics repair discussions are done here. So ask here if your TV or DVD player is broken and you are planning to tear it down. You can also post mods, hacks and reviews of your products of you feel it will help someone.
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